Music for Little Ones follow the internationally-acclaimed Colourstrings Music Kindergarten Curriculum; a specially developed music program for young children which can begin from birth.  Founded by musicians and teachers Géza and Czaba Szilvay in Finland in the early 70s, it initially began as an approach to string teaching before evolving to Colourstrings Music Kindergarten.  It was developed at the East Helsinki Music Institute and is based on the principles and teachings of the pioneering music educator, Kodály. 
In the CMK class, young children accompanied by their parents learn about the different musical concepts: rhythm, pitch, dynamics, melody, tempo, character, form and style.  These are experienced through play and performance in a stimulating, child-centred learning environment. Each class has a variety of activities such as movement, singing, rhymes, games and instrument-playing.  We use a variety of colourful and multi-sensory props as well as finger and hand puppets who become the integral characters in the weekly class.
The CMK curriculum is based on the ‘Singing Rascals’ books, a collection of children’s songs. These songs form the core repertoire.  The more the songs are used, the more familiar they become to the children, thus allowing the demonstrating of the simplest musical and technical concepts by the child and making it the ideal pre-cursor to instrumental learning.  For more information about the Colourstrings method, click here.

Miriam Ross, Founder

Miriam's work is primarily in classroom music-teaching where her advocacy for group-based music teaching and learning began.  Over the past 17 years she has specialised in the areas of teacher professional development and school music programme design.
Miriam was one of the lead facilitators and course designers with the music team with the PDST (Professional Development Service for Teachers).  She was responsible for designing and delivering in-services for music teachers nationally. Her main areas of interest are popular music, music technology, digital media integration and music pedagogy.
She is a music and education graduate of Trinity College Dublin, University of Limerick and Maynooth University and also holds additional teaching qualifications from Colourstrings International (Music Kindergarten) and the Royal Irish Academy of Music (piano).
Initially drawn to early years music education by the energetic excitement shown by little ones responding to music, she embarked on a journey of research and practice into specialised music classes for young children and thus founded Music for Little Ones - a music school offering classes to babies, toddlers, young children and their parents.
Miriam's hope is to make the class accessible to all parents and their young children in an enjoyable, energising and stimulating environment.  Her aim is to extend the musical learning beyond the class so as to enable parents to enjoy and create music at home with their little ones as well!